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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Calendar freebie in two languages!

I am happy to offer another calendar each month and this one turned out to be one of my very favorites. Working with Franziska Altmann's Snowberry Kit, I could see the intricate details and imagine how magical it would look on the screen. I get a lot of visitors from Europe and I wanted to make this one for them too! Click on the English or German preview to get the version you want. Enjoy!

Here is what I have on my desktop:

Click to take you to the shop:

Check yesterdays post for a closeup detail!

It's the Hap-Happiest Season of All!

Made with Peppermint Twist by Pineapple Plantation Designs

Be sure to stop back tomorrow for Januarys freebie desktop calendar. This time it was made with the stunningly gorgeous Snowberries kit from Franziska Altmann. Here is a sneak peek of part of the calendar.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another Quick Page Blog Train...so soon!?

All of Ziggles Peeps worked together to bring you another bunch of Quick Pages...this time using a really fun, bright and funky kit, ALICE. Click top image to download my part and click below to take you to the kit.

You can buy ANYTHING from Ziggle Designs at 50% off
Saturday only! This is a don't-want-to-miss oportunity!

Now follow the path to get the rest of the QPs:


final stop

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The cheese stands alone

Remember that silly little song? I'll bet no kid today even knows how it goes. It begins with "the farmer takes a wife" and ends with "the cheese stands alone." That's how my sad little bonus QP feels...not too many made it that far in the quest...and this was my favorite of my three (at least for today!) Grab it if you missed it! And go back a day if you missed the blog train entirely. It is too awesome to miss out on!!!!!

Here's the page I made with it.

Kit available here:

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Freebie QPs! Hop on Our First CT Blog Train

All of us crazy chicks on the CTs of the delightfully kooky Kami (Ziggle Scraps) and the lovely, talented Becky (B~Creative Designs) are so excited about our first Blogtrain freebie giveaway, we are bursting! One of my all-time favorite blingy-girly kits is Feels Like Home, a gorgeous collab by both designers. This kit is so easy to scrap with, as evidenced by how quickly we all put these gorgeous QP's together!

It feels like a warm n fuzzy lovefest here, so we want to give you all of these Quickpages FREE. You can snag my pages here. Click this link or the image. Then head over to Lori's blog to get the next part! If you skipped anyone, all of the CT member sites are linked on the right column and if you are coming in the middle, find the beginning post here:
Here is a preview of my 2 of my pages.

But you will need to go to the end of the train to get my third and the final bonus piece. When you get as far as Patti, she will guide you there. It's there at the very last stop...look closely and you'll find it! We're glad you all hopped on our train..enjoy all your goodies!

Kit available here:

A layout using more of the full kit:

But Wait! There's more!
Right now, we are in the first days of the 12 Days of Christmas at Scrap Orchard. It's an Individual-Designer-a-Day SUPER Sale. So far, designers have offered up to 60% off their own stores. Go see what I mean... Clickeroo!:

Check back every day!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Speed Scrap...and I wasn't late this time!

Angie, "Jeepmama" at SO hosted a speed scrap and this was what I ended up with. She tried hard to stump us, but we were too swift for her! Better luck next time!!! Bwah ha ha ha!

I used the Dec Mega kit from Scrap Orchard, which has a ton of great stuff.

KITS CREDIT: Scrap Orchard December Mega "Santa Baby"

Also, did a LO with the new "Twilight-inspired" kit by Ziska and Shauna called Sweet Deceit. I had not jumped on bandwagon regarding the books, but plan to read them. Here's why...

Yesterday after school, DD came flying in the door so excited to tell me something. She asked me to guess what she had with her. It was the first book, which they had started reading in class (just long enough to get the kids into it) She sat at the computer for about one and a half minutes, stopped and announced "I HAVE to read some more of that book. She read 140 pages of that book without putting it down for the night. This from a kid I fight with to read!

She is reading it again this morning as I write (on p 236). I am astonished and if I could hug the author I would! My baby has made the leap into loving reading!

KITS CREDIT: Sweet Deceit collab by Pineapple Plantation Designs and Studio Ziska

KIT CREDITS: Happy Feet Collab by Ziggle Designs and Krystal Hartley

Sunday, November 30, 2008

December Desktop Freebie

Well kiddos! I have a nice treat for you...made with another great Ziggle Designs kit. This is one of Kami's best ever! You can buy the whole Reindeer Games kit at Scrap Orchard. Just click this image to download your freebie desktop! I love to hear from you, but like many I can't figure out how to leave comments to others on 4shared(even after logging on)! If anyone can explain it to me, please do.

KIT CREDITS: Reindeer Games by Ziggle Designs

I know you want it...so go shopping!

Friday, November 28, 2008

New Christmas Kits

I just LOVE these kits! Reindeer Games was so easy to scrap with. This page came together fairly fast. This is my nephew-dog, George. He is a such sweetie! And he really does open his own gifts.

KIT CREDIT: Reindeer Games by Ziggle Designs

This is made with the December Mystery Mega from Scrap Orchard which will be revealed next week. Until then it is on sale for $3. This one is really jam-packed with great stuff.

KIT CREDITS: Scrap Orchard Mystery Mega except Snowscapes by B-Creative Designs

I made this LO using this cool angel wing effect earlier this year in another LO, but it is so cute I had to scrap with it again!

KIT CREDITS: Two Turtle Doves except journal tag (altered) from White Christmas; both by Ziggle Designs; and wings from Kit Asas de Anjo by Scrapsuper

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A bunch more LOs for Ziggle Design

This was one of those "you had to be there" sunsets. I ran into the house and found the camera in time.

Enchanting Indigo by Ziggle Designs

This is the last photo I have showing Nat with a heavy winter coat. She has faint memories of snow. I just can't bring myself to the thought of a cold climate again...sigh.

White Christmas by Ziggle Designs

This kit has a lot of possibilities beyond what I used so far...a third one is in the works from it.

White Christmas by Ziggle Designs

My second from Feisty. That overlay on the paper is actually a photo I took from the back of the condo we lived in last year. We still live in the same area, but not with that kind of a view.

Feisty by Ziggle Designs; (orchid- Efflorescence - Collab by Ziggle Designs and Studio Ziska)

So, you can see Kami keeps me very busy with all these awesome kits to use. Click here to go to the shop for any kits you see used above.

I have two more Christmas kits to take for a spin now. Wait til you see them! They are both whimsical and tons of fun...stay tuned!

Til next time...

Friday, November 14, 2008

The collab revealed!

Want to get this entire kit free? Click on the image to find out how.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lately getting some really exceptional kits

I have been cranking out some pretty fun layouts lately and it's only because the kits I have been given to work with are just so good! This is from a collab from Ziska and Flergs called Sugar Rush... a must-have! I have also gotten my grubby hands on a soon-to-be released collab between two giants...that's all I am saying for now...but the first LO I did was really cool! Pic coming soon as I can release it.

KIT CREDIT: Sugar Rush by Studio Flergs and Studio Ziska

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Daily Commute

I cross over several bridges that separate the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico each day. I took several photos of those bridges and although technically this shot is a little bit past my destination it turned out the best shot I had in my stash. Most of the scenery I see daily is exactly like this. It helps the hour drive go by faster.

KIT CREDIT: Feisty by Ziggle Designs

Friday, November 7, 2008

Scrappin fool that I am...

I am getting past a dry spell, creatively speaking. I did alot of pages in the last couple days, with more on the way! This is one of my favorite photos in it's significance. The two girls you see often in my pages have been BFFs for 5 years, but their very first meeting was at ages 3 and 4, respectively.

KIT CREDITS: June Bugs collab from the Scrap Orchard designers

KIT CREDITS: Gathering Leaves by Ziggle Designs

KIT CREDITS: Efflorescence - Collab by Ziggle Designs and Studio Ziska

KIT CREDITS: Efflorescence - Collab by Ziggle Designs and Studio Ziska

Sunday, November 2, 2008

November Desktop Freebie!

As promised here is the latest calendar desktop...made with Gathering Leaves by Ziggle Designs found at Scrap Orchard. I had a great time using this kit. It had everything I had in mind to use for a November desktop.

Packed with two sizes: 1280 x 800 and 1024 x 768

Images are clickable to get your download:

Click here to go to Kami's store to buy this fabulous kit:

A new CT announcement and NDSD event recap

I have exciting news to share. A couple months ago I found myself facing a difficult decision to pass on a CT call for one of my very favorite designers. I was on 3 teams already. She was gracious enough to say to let her know when I was freed up again. More on who in a minute.

Well, I just finished a 2 month guest with Monica at mgl Scraps...those kits were really great...and I had a terrific time on the team. Mon, if you read this, again a big thank you!

I am SO thrilled to announce I will CT for Kami of Ziggle Scraps over at my home stomping grounds, Scrap Orchard! I love her stuff alot and hope it turns into permanent. Time will tell. Also, I will be offering the November desktop calendar with one of her kits. Watch for an update later today and you'll be able to download it here.

Yesterday was an exhausting, exhilarating, exciting race to see how many events I could participate in for National Digital Scrapbooking Day at the Orchard. Attendance was huge; I thought we might break the site for a minute there, LOL! I followed Sine's Scavenger Hunt. I missed a teensy detail...Arrrgh! I scrapped Zakarah's Blast from the Past challenge, played the Bingo game...bingo and I don't get along, LOL! I had less than 50% filled when it ended. Also tried using a template for the FIRST TIME EVER in the middle of the template chat that Kami held. LO below. I always thought that was cheating, ya know, but it's not. It is a great starting place so you will see more template use in the future.There were many events I missed as they were happening, but I hope to do some challenges after the fact, for sure. In all, it was a fun time.

This was Kami's template challenge:

KIT CREDITS: Wicked Sweet by Becky Vosburg- B-Creative; word art: Halloween Blogtrain freebie by Lliella

This was the LO for Zakarah's Blast from the Past challenge...you had to use one of the very first freebie kits you got.

KIT CREDITS: Festival from Shabby Princess

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Scavenger Hunt goodies from Oscraps

Want the kit that I used for these two layouts free? Head over to Oscraps and check out how to get Wildrose now before it ends.

KIT CREDIT: Wildrose and PopArt Alpha by Becky Vosburg (B-Creative)

KIT CREDITS: Wildrose by Becky Vosburg (B-Creative)

A chance to win $200 worth of scrap stuff

Yup, heard that right! Scrap Orchard is hosting a bingo game online on Nov 1st. If a card is filled by 18 calls, winner gets a GC for $200 to spend over three months time. I will be there with bells on. I have never won at Bingo, so Nat picked the numbers. Participants have to scrap their own card. Here is mine. For details head over there. (now closed for new entries)

CREDITS: Happy by Ziggle Designs; Numbers from Ziggle Autumn Festival freebie

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another speaking engagement & new blog header

A few months ago, after I gave a digiscrap/ blogging seminar I was approached by the Florida Keys Community College in Key West to do another one for them. I just now confirmed the date. I will be speaking and instructing on Dec. 4 and spreading more scrap-joy! Even though public speaking is not my favorite thing to do, with the subject matter being something I love, it will make it easier.

Notice something different up at the top? I have been wanting to change out the blog header for a while now and I got such a positive response to a LO I did a couple weeks ago, I just used it. It is comprised of the Oscraps Oktober Collab, except the knotted clip line is from Cloud 9 by mgl Scraps.

I have been anxious to use a kit I won a couple weeks ago during a speed scrap. I used a combo actually of a couple of Kami's kits.

KIT CREDITS: Paper, cluster and ring-o-bling: Enchanting Indigo by Ziggle Designs; Glitter flowers and key:Feels Like Home Collab by B~Creative Designs and Ziggle Designs; and Paper Overlay: Romance Bonus by Lindsay Jane Designs

Til next time...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A week of freebies at the Orchard

Over at the Orchard they had 7 days of freebies called Autumn Festival. You had to be quick as the kits were out for 1 day each. I even made a layout right away with the first one.

KIT CREDITS: Autumn Festival Freebie-1: Cherry Mint by Irene Alexeeva

Til next time...