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Saturday, March 29, 2008

April desktop

I made a computer wallpaper with an April calendar. I really like using calendars on my desktop. I think I will never buy another paper one again.

1280 x 800
Credits: Made with NadjasScraps Kit by rina-creative
except for Calendar box which is by Elena Pahl

I found the missing cord for the camera...these are taken in front of the Customs House in Key West. Loved the perspectives. This 25-foot-tall sculpture by J. Seward Johnson was inspired by the iconic Grant Wood painting “American Gothic.” It is made of hardened styrofoam.

Spring babies are arriving in Key West. We saw alot of new chicks all over town, following their mamas.

Here is another LO in progress. Til next time...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break

...has arrived here. Natalie practically DANCED in the door. We are headed out to shop for clothes as she is going through another growth spurt.

I went to Key West for the day yesterday and will upload any good photos I got if I find the cord for my camera...I know I just saw that darn thing the other day. I just LOVE my digital camera. I watched the sales on Amazon and got it last year. I will introduce My Favorite Things with (drum roll)...My Canon Powershot A630. I have gotten so many gorgeous shots and some that I was sure wouldn't turn out.
Here are some of the amazing photos I took in recent months.

From Butterfly Conservatory in Key West

Dry Tortugas

Taken from the back of the Condo

Til next time...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Starting off with...

...some of my scrapbooking layouts...these being some of my favorites.

Swimming Lesson
Everything (except ribbon) Little Fishies by Isabelle Cyr aka Zazou scrapartist.com; Ribbon- Express Yourself Ronna Penner at Shabbyprincess.com

Papers- Love is in the air-TanyiaDeskins-LIITA and Burlap Buddies by Raspberry Road; Overlay- Harmonygirl Flowerbox by AmieB; Dried Flowers by Jarkab1; Frame- FantaisieDAile by Kim Liddiard

Two Cute
Kaylabugs Kit by Raspberry Road with exception of pink flower, by Adeyeo

Etch a sketch
FRAME escrappers.com, downloaded from a tutorial at http://www.escrappers.com/etch.html ; Chalked White Edge and Red Paper - not given; Flower Brushes1 by hawksmont at deviantart.com

I would love to do this all day if it paid the bills.

Til next time...


I have held out for too long...and now I enter the bloggers world. I think this will be an easy transition into the 'web' side of things...who knows, maybe this time next year I will be designing websites...PHAH! yeah right....

Look here for my random musings, art gallery, recipe du jour and things of that nature.

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