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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Speed Scrap

My apologies to the makers of these perfectly good kits for the butchery I inflicted in my first speed scrap. I forgot it started at 3, and when I chimed in I saw that all the instructions had been given, so I had to hustle my butt to catch up. Here is my contribution following these steps:

Pick one and only one photo to use for this layout...
-Pick 3 papers to use in your layout
-Look through your stash and find your favorite "bling" element and use it in your layout.
-Let's try framing the one and only photo you are using... frame it with a frame or even some fantastic elements..! Also, let's 'visibly' stick the photo and/or elements to the page; use some staples or tape or stitching or photo corners or a fastener.
-For this layout, NOTHING can be exactly vertical or exactly horizontal! Everything has to be tilted one way or another (except your background paper, but extra points if you can tilt that too)!!
-Let's talk words.. or titles. Title your layout but only use ONE word and ONE alpha (or font).. and.. and.. hmmm.. the word can't be more than 5 letters long!
-At least 1 but no more then 2 of your layout corners has to have some kind of element or element cluster. They can be off the page (peeking onto your layout) or wholly on the page.
-Pick just ONE more element to add to your layout to make it a masterpiece!

So where one is supposed to have time to get it step by step, I was cramming for the test. The results...not my best...but I will redeem myself!

This was truly fun and I won another free kit from Kami during the chat afterward. Thanks Kami..look below the layout here to see it...

KIT CREDITS: Papers, Glitter Round and Frame from Free Spirit by Franziska Altman and mgl Scraps; Swirlies (retinted) Sunken Garden Add-on by Franziska Altman; tape- Mums the Word Add-on by Pineapple Plantation Designs

I am looking forward to playing with Enchanting Indigo It is a stunner...you really need to see it up close to get the full effect.

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