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Saturday, August 23, 2008

A day full of blessings and new LOs

I woke up today with a start...thinking "Oh no, did I forget to pay my credit card bill?" It's usually due the third week each month and I usually pay by the 1st week. Something told me I did not. So I jumped up and signed on to see...and it is not due til next Tuesday. Whew, that was close. I worked so hard to clean up my act regarding finances and this would have been very bad.

The next thing on my mind was a scraping sound when I used my brakes on the car. I have a 5yr old Honda and it has been immaculately cared for since day one. We had just had all that water and debris blowing around from TS Fay...so it was either from that or I needed brake work. It turned out to be rust formed around the brake lining...my brakes are still great. Thank God for my mechanic.

Thirdly, I had this issue with my kitchen sink not having full force for hot water and it was driving me nuts. A friend came over and looked at it and it was a simple fix.

Three days ago I had a problem with my USB router and was not getting internet connection. I lost a whole day of productivity and grumbled til I fixed it. I was not feeling the most thankful that day, but when my attitude changed, the outcome did as well. I guess I need to remember to be grateful for all days, no matter how they begin!

I did a couple more LOs with the latest kit from Franziska for her CT. I had a serious creative block for a whole week and I remember when I saw the kit I couldn't wait to get started and those great ideas at the time flew out of my head. It came back last night a bit and I hope these do it justice.

CREDITS for BOTH: Dusk Dew by Franziska Altmann

These were created with this stunner of a kit:

It's amazing to see the diversity the other Creative Team members are coming up with using Dusk Dew. You can see more LOs by others in this gallery. The papers alone are breathtaking. You don't want to miss this one.

Til next time...

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