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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Speed Scrap Craziness and ANOTHER free kit!

Lately, I have been having a blast during the Speed Scraps hosted at Scrap Orchard (twice monthly) and the best fun is harassing our very sweet, but devious hostess, Angie. Last night another wonderful friend, Jaye, stepped in to host when Angie couldn't. For example-Step one: We needed six papers! Now Jaye didn't make up the rules on this one, but it was a tough one to follow and everyone was gathering the pitchforks and getting ready to head over to Angie's...hahahaha. And because I had my computer torn apart and the external drive wasn't available you should have seen me scramble to find a kit to use. I had a page started and hated what I was doing, so at the last minute I dug out a kit I made myself about a year ago and pulled this together. The flower and staple are from Ziggle Scraps' "Alice" kit. I used a Template Freebie by Tracy Anderson, from Ellie's CT. (thank you!!!) The pink parts I made up on the fly during the scrap so they aren't in the kit.

It is not my best layout by a stretch, but is was cool to see that it came in handy after all! If you dig around a little you can still find it backdated in my freebies (I think it was sometime in July). I never did get around to making elements...but I might someday!

the steps:
1. choose 6 papers.
2. now choose at least 2 photos.
3. only 1 of those papers can be a true background. The other 5 must be reshaped into something. Eg. mats, paper strips.
4. you must use at least one frame.
5. add something from nature; a tree, leaf, flower, animal ( it didn't have to be organic looking)
6. add at least one heart.
7. create a title with a font and an alpha.

The previous scrap had these requirements:
(1) Pick one photo...with no people in it.
(2) Apply a filter, effect, or unusual crop shape to your photo.
(3) Choose at least two papers (more is fine). One must be multicolored (at least two colors on one page).
(4) Add some confetti, glitter, or other splatter-type element to your page.
(5)Add at least one piece of Word Art.
(6) Add a title and date.
(7) Embellish as desired.

As you can see, I was naughty:

Journaling says: March 8,2009 the day Angie tried (again unsuccessfully) to stump us all in the speed scrap.

Wanna know how you can get this fabulous freebie? It is found only on Kami's Peeps blog and won't be available long. Jemenifer has been raiding the place while "Mama Chick" Kami is away, and just giving stuff away like crazy. Go see what I mean! Click image:

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jeepmama said...

sweet but devious, huh? just you wait... bwaahahahaha!