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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Funny dream, new CT and another awesome site!

I have to laugh now that I realize the dream I woke up this morning from was not real. At the instant of waking it took me a while to believe it wasn't real. This one had me in a scrap panic! The dream was basically that my sister (from the next town) had snuck in to my house to replace my computer with NEW one, I guess thinking it was a favor. The new computer was a horrible pea green color and the monitor was normal sized but the SCREEN part was about 4 inches. The old computer with all my kits and layouts was given away and the whole dream was about my horror and trying to chase down the new "owner". None of the details in it made sense, but the computer was so funny looking. I tried to draw it for your viewing pleasure.

Lots going on in my digiworld. I just got accepted into Matahati Designs Creative Team. I just love her bold, rich colorful kits. Zakirah just put out a brand new collab with Faith True. Here is the kit and a link to the store.

Also a toot...I got Gallery Standout for March 32st at Been There Scrapped That: http://www.beentherescrappedthat.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=1151

As for the other big news...if you haven't heard yet about this new place, you might be one of a handful. Although "not officially opened yet", this place is rocking and rapidly growing like you wouldn't believe. Take the time to check out the forums and the galleries are stuffed with some of the best layouts I have seen in one place.

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Sarah said...

That wasn't a dream, it was a nightmare!! Maybe your subconscious is telling you to back things up?

I'm excited to be working with you on Z's CT!