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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sun halo

We had a rare phenominon here today...at least I think it's pretty rare. We had a sun halo- which preceeds a cold front or precipitation. I took this photo at approximately 1 pm. Moon halos occur as well, although I never noticed one before either.

The halo, is formed because of cirrus clouds that contain ice crystals. Cirrus clouds are formed high in the Earth's atmosphere where the temperature is usually well below freezing. OK, I stole that part from some weather-techy website. Anyway...I found this old Dutch Proverb:

A ring around the moon

May pass away soon,

But a ring around the sun

Gives water in the tun.

Till next time...

1 comment:

gw said...

Hi There,
Sun Dogs! Moon Dogs too.
Usually indicates a weather front coming in, probably a cold front.
I'm originally from Minnesota and in the deepest part of the Winter, the Sun Dogs appear as prisms of distorted light on either "side" of the Sun.
Very bright by themselves, they give the illusion of three Suns.
Not rare up there unfortunately.

You have a nice blog by the way. Keep it going!