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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Amazing Digital Scrapbooking Race is on!

I completed my first two assignments for this years race. Two things you should know...I don't know WHAT I was thinking when I took it on again this year, what with opening a new business and working 10 hr days and weekends...BUT I am glad I did it anyway. I need to have time to breakaway from it if even for a hour at a time. The other thing is I am so happy to have Bec, YES THAT BEC, as my partner. Her Layouts are knocking off socks all over the world. Miss Rebecca also made us the cutest team blinkee.

Here is a look at what I (literally) threw together for week #1
I should have added "gorgeous" and Meryl Streep lookalike...tee hee. I made the background out of a bunch of textures and cut it out like a window. Certainly not professional grade, but it worked.
This one allowed me to use some of my older photos of Toot that are pretty low resolution. It's amazing at how much she has grown since these were taken.

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