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Friday, December 11, 2009

A Winter's Poem

I was inspired to write a goofy poem after a conversation with a friend about the side effects of winter. I left the cold north about 6 years ago and haven't looked back! So I may seem like I am rubbing it in when I talk about heat waves here in December...I MEAN REALLY! Would I do that??? LMBO!

A Winter’s Poem
Or Why I Wised up and Moved to the Tropics
By Sandy S

Soft and fat snowflakes, tasting the first one
Bringing out the toboggan and sled, sounds like wonderful fun;

Snow forts, ‘no school today’ and snow angel anticipation
Be ready my friends, we’re in for a long haul of precipitation;

The dream of a fluffy white snow, just enough color in your cheek,
Is all an illusion, that feeling goes away in a week;

Soon replaced by the toil of windshield cleaning and shoveling walks,
Spinning on black ice and frozen car locks;

My lungs ache from breathing, from the chill in the air
My fingers are numb, my fuzzy socks are 'round here somewhere;

If one more big-rig sprays my car with gray, dirty snow
I swear my last bit of sanity is going to blow;

So my advice to you, if you can possibly go
Is to pack up and head south where the palm trees grow;

Just one bit of advice I bequeath unto you
As much fun as it is to tease about the cold weather blue;

Don’t let your northern friendships falter and wane
You’re going to need a place to stay for the big hurricane!

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