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Thursday, May 29, 2008

A cutie pie and yummy iced coffee!

This is Nat again, back in April when she got into my makeup...and she thought 'more is better'.
I found this nice kit at Scrap Orchard. They have contests for the kit designers and when they are through, there is one for layouts too. This one was fun...I added the challenge of making the page curl, adding shadows and messing with the sparkle layers.

'My Girls' Kit by Neverland Scraps found at Scrap Orchard.

I liked it so much over there I put my best LOs up in a gallery...click here to view.

Iced Coffee...

Here's one of my 'favorite' things I wanted to share...I had really been into those Iced coffees from Mickey Ds...but they get expensive. So I devised my own "at-home version."

Fill a big tumbler halfway with ice. Pour in your hot coffee, (In my case I don't brew any...I know...that's just sick isn't it? So I make a cup of strong instant, usually a heaping spoon to 1 cup of the water) then a couple swigs worth of those wonderful flavored creamers, (my favorite is hazelnut) and then top off with ice, swish, and it's ready! Taste test the first few times til you get your favorite ratio.

Just writing this makes my mouth water.

Til next time...

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